Custom Peacock - Deposit
Custom Peacock - Deposit

Custom Peacock - Deposit

Peacocks are one of the most beautiful and colorful birds in the world. Now is your chance to have one masterfully created by award-winning taxidermist Allis Markham for display in your own home. Pictured is an example of Allis' previous Peacock work, but you can work with her to create a custom pose for your home. 

Allis strives to bring out the graceful nature in the Peacock, while creating personality and anatomical accuracy. The Peacock can be posed in any way you like, with the luxurious train fanned up or cascading down. Either way, this gorgeous bird will be sure to fill our home or office with a Victorian feel. You can also rest assured that the piece will be mounted to museum-quality standards in order to be preserved for all time. 

  • Stand will be sourced TBD by Prey at-cost
  • Shipping TBD at-cost
  • Timing based on availability and studio schedule at the time of deposit

Price: $1950.00

This purchase is for the 50% deposit on your Peacock. The remaining balance is due before shipping.

$975.00 USD

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