It's the little things...

2015 Feb | 1867 comments

I'm currently working on my technique for small birds. Like, very very small birds. Here's a practice specimen-- it's a Button Quail chick no bigger than a quarter. 

Small things can be difficult to do because of their delicate nature. And, any mistake you make will be that much harder to fix. I find that special tools help-- I have some that were used in spinal surgery. 

Upcoming Class Details!

2014 Sep | 3 comments

Don't distress! If you don't see a class you'd like or the one you want is sold out, you have a few options:

    1. Sign up for our mailing list here and be the first the sign up
    2. Follow Prey on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for new class postings
    3. Send an email to, subject 'Waiting List' and tell us what class you want to be put on the waiting list for. We'll notify you of any cancelations. 
Because all of Prey specimens are from abatement, salvage or food by-products, we can't guarantee classes will be repeated, but it's a good bet that they'll come around seasonally or as specimens become available. Class space is also limited, so it's a good idea to snatch classes up when you see them and follow Prey on social media. 

    We post classes about a month ahead of time, but here's a sneak peak of what we'll be doing for November and December:

    • More Mammal Shoulder Mounts -- just like this class
    • Full-size Mammals -- Skinned and pre-tanned specimens
    • Ducklings!
    • Intro to Taxidermy Lecture Series
    • Mammals Skinning, Tanning & Bones
    • Advanced Birds Class
    • Bird 101 (December at the earliest) 


    Tiger Cub Skinning Demonstration - Sept 13th 2014

    2014 Aug | 1 comments

    I have received a beautiful, yet somewhat sad gift from a zoo - two Tiger cubs; one standard Bengal and one White Bengal. Both of these cubs died of natural causes, but it's still a shame. However, we can turn their deaths into an educational experience for some of you -- and of course, toss in a little wine for good measure. 

    I will be skinning the White Bengal Tiger cub on September 13th, from 7-10pm. Tickets are available for purchase here. Space is limited in my studio, so it'll fill up quick. 



    Homemade News Radio Interview

    2014 Jun | 1 comments

    Homemade News (a rad, lady-based pirate radio station) interviewed me about taxidermy, life and death. Listen and create your own gooey mental visuals.

    Bloomberg Business Week

    2014 Jun | 0 comments

    In case you missed it, Bloomberg Business Week did a feature on Prey and the taxidermy industry's use in TV/film. Check out the awesome spread and watch me interviewed live on Taking Stock with Pimm Fox below. 


    Student Gallery

    2014 May | 1 comments

    EDIT: It's up! Student Gallery

    I've had so much amazing student work done at Prey and will be getting a student gallery off the ground as soon as possible -- so send in your photos or post them to the Prey facebook page and I'll get it up online as soon as I have time!

    In the meantime, check out these beauties from one recent student's home:

    Prey in Downtown News

    2014 May | 0 comments

    In case you missed it, I had a lovely feature in the Downtown News here in Los Angeles. You can check out the article here online and see some amazing pics of one of the birds classes. I was very happy to be picked up by this hip downtown LA paper!


    Game of Thrones Three-Eyed Crow

    2014 Apr | 26 comments

    I'm not usually one for 'novelty taxidermy' but my friend recently finished grad school and is a very big Game of Thrones fan-- as am I. So, I decided she deserved a three-eyed crow [as featured in the books and television show]. Here are some of the finished shots and here is a link to my entire taxidermy process. 


    US Law mandates that it is illegal to buy, sell, trade or barter crows. However, it is legal to gift them or to pay a taxidermist to mount a crow you already own.


    Bonus: Geekologie and Nerd Approved picked up my crow. How nice!

    Advanced Birds - Ducklings?

    2014 Mar | 1 comments

    I've managed to get my paws on some ducklings. Despite being amazingly attentive mothers, mama ducks lose at least a few of their brood each season. These specimens were acquired from bird breeders who were nice enough to collect them for me. I'm glad to put them to good use.

    Ducklings are extremely fragile and difficult to skin. Additionally their downy feathers tend to slip out if you're not very careful. However, they puff up quickly are very easy to groom. I created the ones here on my first try in about 2 hours-- for both! (sometimes at the museum we have to do speed-taxidermy, ha ha).

    I'm thinking that a duckling class might be in order for individuals who excelled in Birds 101 and think they might be up for the challenge. Thoughts? Or should I move onto mammals?

    Not announcing it yet, but I wanted to give people a 'window into my freezer', so to speak.

    We Have Lift Off: Weekend Class

    2014 Mar | 0 comments

    Well, it seems like there are enough adventurous individuals that it warrants adding the weekend Birds 101 class. Yippee, indeed.

    You can sign up for it here:

    Make sure and bring a snack with you each day. No eating your work :/ 

    New Classes Are Up, Up and Away...

    2014 Mar | 0 comments

    ...and ready for sign-ups here. So far, we have at least one March class weeknights with the possibility of a weekend class as well. Give me a holler at if you're interested and to save your spot if it goes ahead. 

    The classes will be working on European Starlings - an invasive species here in the states, but a beautiful bird as well. Starlings were released in America by Eugene Schieffelin in 1827 in Central Park. Schieffelin thought it was a 'shame' that America didn't have any of the birds written about by Shakespeare. The birds for our class are their very descendants-- collected from Wisconsin by farmers trying to protect their crops. So, we have Schieffelin to blame and, to thank in this one case. 

    Below are some reference photos that should give you an idea of the color and feather range that they can have. Pictured also is a juvenile starling done by yours truly. 


    New Prey Taxidermy Studio & Classroom Location!

    2014 Mar | 1 comments

    So, to those wonderful individuals who have been asking for weeks, months and even years: it's finally here. Get ready, ya'll. I'm about to post some upcoming classes at my new downtown taxidermy studio and classroom

    This month i'm going to hold both an evening class and a weekend workshop on birds to get everyone moving on learning taxidermy. Birds are the perfect place to start learning the craft. So, if you want to learn, this is where to start!

    The new location is in the Spring Arts Tower in downtown Los Angeles. I'm very excited about the space in this hip, downtown building and all the fun new equipment i'm putting in it. There will be many things to fulfill all your Victorian taxidermy dreams...

    I will be posting class details and purchasing info tomorrow on my website and Facebook page. Class size is very limited, so stay tuned!

    Natural History Museum Residency

    2012 Jul | 2 comments

     Good news and bad news for Prey clients & fans - through summer of 2013, I will be working fulltime for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. I've been an avid taxidermy volunteer at the museum for some time now and am very excited to be officially working for this wonderful institution. Obviously this is a huge opportunity to be immersed in taxidermy under the Master Taxidermist, Tim Bovard and to work on animals that many taxidermist only dream of. I couldn't be happier.

    However, this does mean that I will only be able to take a limited number of private commissions (if any) and will have a difficult time ramping up for any taxidermy classes. I get many requests for taxidermy classes and have delayed replying because I'm not sure of my availability. I am keeping all of the inquiries, and will notify all of you when i'm able to commit to a new class. 

    In the meantime, feel free to visit me and all the wonderful taxidermy at the Natural History            Museum of Los Angeles.  


    Prank Calls

    2011 Sep | 3 comments

     So, I put up some flyers around town about my taxidermy workshop. Obviously, I put one up a little too close to a bar or something because I got two pranks calls last night on my voicemail. I think they're from the same person though. 

    Anyway, I've posted them here for your enjoyment. They pretty much perfectly capture your basic 22 year old drunk girl. You can even hear her friends egging her on in the background. As a previous prank caller myself, I'm not upset at all. I just wish they were better. Since she didn't block her number, I guess I could show her how it's done...

    Prank Call 1 by Allis Markham   

    Prank Call 2 by Allis Markham

    Bird Workshop on Sept 10th!

    2011 Aug | 5 comments

     I'm so happy to announce that Prey will be hosting a bird taxidermy workshop! I've had so many request from people wanting to learn taxidermy that the only way to fit everyone in was to hold a workshop. 

    We will be starting with birds because I feel that they really give people the basics of taxidermy without the lengthy process of tanning the hide. This means that we will be able to finish a bird in a day and take it home with you! Instant gratification.

    The birds we will be working with are squab-- young rock doves (pigeons) that are farm raised locally for human consumption. And luckily they won't go to waste. Our new mascot, Bacon, is a rescue dog who really needs to gain some weight after being stray for so long. He will be enjoying the meat from our creations so that no part of these animals are wasted. Below is a picture of Bacon who is very excited about this workshop and plans to attend. 

    You can purchase your seat here: Birds for Beginners 

    Prey Blog Feature!

    2011 Aug | 3 comments

     The wonderful Samantha Santana over at Primary Petals was kind enough to reach out when needing some taxidermy pieces for a wedding photoshoot. Prey provided original taxidermy, vintage pieces and furs/tails/antlers for this 1940's wedding shoot -- which has already been picked up by the wonderful Grey Likes Weddings blog. Enjoy and check out the article for all the specifics on the wonderful people involved in making these beautiful photos. 

    Grey Likes Weddings

    Prey in progress...

    2011 Feb | 2 comments

     Thanks for visting my site. Currently, I'm busy crafting strange creations that will grace the internet soon. However, if you're looking for something specific feel free to contact me. I'm happy to send you photos of my past creations as reference and let you know what's currently in the hopper. 

    Many thanks,