We are so sorry for your loss and we know how much the passing of a dear pet can hurt. Pet taxidermy is a delicate craft and only for those who have a pragmatic view of death. Please note that we only work on birds and mammals, we do not work on reptiles or fish. We work on pets with some very special conditions from our clients. Please read all below conditions before reaching out:

1) You must understand that taxidermy is a sculptural representation of your pet using its skin. We will get as close as we can to your pet’s features, but it will never be exact. It's an art, not an exact science.

2) Your pet was most likely older and/or sick when they passed. We will do our best, but cannot make them look young and healthy. We must manage expectations.

3) We will usually only mount mammals in a sleeping pose with eyes closed. Bird taxidermy has more options.

4) Pet preservation work takes at least 1 to 1.5 years. We have a backlog of pet and museum work. Pet work is delicate and time intensive and can take longer depending on the extent of the commission and state of your pet.

5) Pet taxidermy, when done well, takes considerable time, skill and client management. Expect prices for birds to start at $3500 and mammals start at $7000. We require 75% payment upfront with no refund should you change your mind after work has begun.

6) We do not offer on-site cremation services but we do have a local vendor that you may contact. We ask that you be in charge of this aspect and once our work is completed we can facilitate the drop-off of your pet at the crematorium. Please note that the cost of cremation is separate from our services and must be discussed by you directly with the crematorium. Should you use a different crematorium, we require a delivery fee to that location. 

7) Should you not want the remains that are not used in the taxidermy (Skeleton, muscles, carcass) to be cremated, we can dispose of the remains along with our usual museum remains with a disposal fee. Personally, I believe that the taxidermy itself is the homage and cremation is a choice but not a necessity.  

8) Our quoted price will include a wooden base, however, any custom base/case work will be an additional cost. Our costs do not include shipping/delivery.

We know that we are not your cheapest option for pet preservation. However, our unique experience with many different species of animals and posing for museums and nature centers give us a unique ability to capture the spirit of your animal. We wish you well during this difficult time and are here should you decide to engage our services.