I am so sorry for your loss and I know how much the passing of a dear pet can hurt. I have been there myself and will be again. 

I do not recommend pet taxidermy and will try to talk you out of it. However, I offer my services because I want to provide quality work for people who insist on having it done. As such, I will do pet taxidermy only under very specific circumstances:

1) You understand that taxidermy is a sculptural representation of your pet using it's skin. I will get as close as I can, but it will never be exact. You looked at your dear pet every day and I am seeing them departed. In other words, I can make a German Shepard look like a German Shepard, but maybe not exactly like your German Shepard. 

2) Your pet was most likely older and/or sick when they passed. I will do my best, but I cannot make them look young and healthy. We must manage expectations. Things like hair quality, skin issues, most injuries etc will not be able to be repaired.

3) I will only mount mammals in a sleeping pose with eyes closed. 

4) Pet work takes at least 6 months to a year. We have a backlog and this is delicate, time intensive work. 

5) Pet taxidermy takes considerable time and skill. Expect prices for birds to start at $1,600 depending on the size/breed and mammals start at $6000. We require 75% payment upfront with no refund should you change your mind. If you are interested, please fill out our form below.