This is a very small business and we spend a lot of time creating, advertising and prepping for classes. A cancellation is a spot we could have filled. Specimens have been acquired, staff has been hired and supplies have been bought for each spot.  We are sorry, but there are no exceptions. We hope you understand. 

All cancelations after deposits will result in a $100 fee deducted from your payment. This fee helps cover our website payment processing fees and the time spent trying to re-selling your spot. If we cannot re-sell your spot, you forfeit the deposit paid. If we can re-sell your spot, we will refund your deposit minus the $100 fee. 

We cannot give cancelations credit for a future class should you miss or cancel. It's like missing a concert: if you miss the concert, you cannot get a credit for a future concert because that's also a seat that could be filled. 

Missing a class day or arriving more than 30 minutes late for class is considered a "No Show" and you will not be admitted. It is not fair to the other students as we do not have the time to catch you up. 

To cancel, you must email Please give the name you purchased the class under and the scheduled date of your class. 

You may transfer your spot to anyone for no fee. We would just require the name of the substitute and they would be responsible for any remaining class fees.  

We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason.