About Prey

      Prey is the work of Los Angeles-based taxidermist and artist, Allis Markham. She believes that no part of nature should go to waste. Her specimens are collected or purchased legally after natural or unavoidable death, hunted for sustenance or are non-native and nuisance animals; these deaths are not related to the art. She discloses each animal's origins to the student or buyer and welcomes each person to act according to their own ethical standards. 

     Allis strives to create taxidermy that is biologically accurate, structurally sound and preserved for all time. Each piece is created with premium materials and is individually treated or tanned by Allis.

     Allis attended the Advanced Taxidermy Training Center in Montana and is currently a staff taxidermist at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

     Dog rescue and fostering are also a big part of Allis' life. She has fostered dozens of dogs in the last few years and has found every one of them a loving home. So, before you judge her, look here.

    Visit the Prey Blog to find out more or, better yet, go see her taxidermy at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

 Allis accepts commission/rental inquires for:
-Television, Movies and Photoshoots 
-Artist Collaborations