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Taxidermy Lab

July 13th
This course is from 6pm to 9pm.

Space is limited!

Welcome to Taxidermy Lab. This demonstration course will provide students with an on-site tutorial into the world of museum taxidermy. Students will be invited into the Prey Taxidermy studio where they will discover how this 'dead art' is breathing life into conservation education.

This is an introductory course where students will learn the basics of taxidermy through detailed presentations and demonstrations followed by a Q&A.

Lab Curriculum

  • Welcome tour
  • Specimen gallery and touch-table
  • Mammal taxidermy presentation
  • Mammal skinning demonstration
  • Bird taxidermy presentation 
  • Bird skinning demonstration
  • Q&A

Learn about the techniques used by the award-winning taxidermy studio Prey Taxidermy. The team was trained at NHMLA and have academic experience in biology to support their extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. Their clients include multiple Natural History Museums around the country, The Smithsonian, The Getty Research Institute, and even brands such as Gucci. 

This is not one of our hands-on workshops but is a demonstration and presentation course. While students will not participate or take home any pieces, they will be given a comprehensive overview of the craft of taxidermy. Students will also be sent a follow-up email with a PDF copy of the presentations and a list of resources discussed in the course.

This course is open to students of all ages. Please be aware that we will be demonstrating on actual dead specimens. We will send an email the week of the course to confirm all information about parking and studio entry.

*Do not plan to miss any moment of class; i.e. arriving late or leaving early.

** There will be no video allowed during this course. Photos are allowed except for the specimen demonstrations to avoid potential issues with the general public. 

Location & Cancellations

** Please review our strict cancellation policy here **

LOCATION: The class will be held at the new Prey Taxidermy studio at 2684 Lacy St Los Angeles 90031. You will receive a confirmation email with a liability waiver and other information a few days before class.