Red Fox Shoulder Mount
Red Fox Shoulder Mount

Red Fox Shoulder Mount

June 17th
Class will be held 9:00AM - 7:30PM.

This course will be taught by Allis Markham of Prey Taxidermy.

This class can be for taxidermy beginners of for students with some experience who want to focus on the intricacies of mammal faces. 

In this class, you will use and modify a commercial form, insert proper commercial ear-liners, shape noses, set eyes, tuck eyelids, tuck mouth, and practice the finer aspects of grooming hair/whiskers. 

We will also email you a few weeks before class with additional questions about your pose preferences (head turn or straight forward).

Canines are known for their expressive faces and we will be giving that special attention by sculpting utilizing various reference materials. Having an understanding of canine anatomy and character is key. Happily, we will be joined by my canine companion, Howdy, who has volunteered to help us out. 

We will be working with specimens that have already been skinned, prepped, and tanned to our standards. Additionally, students will be given information & videos on how to do those aspects on their own in the future. Each student will also be given a finishing kit that includes grooming and painting supplies.

All supplies, tools & specimens will be provided by Prey for your classes. Students will be given a PDF of each step,  supply lists, tools lists, and resources that might help you on your taxidermy journey. Videos of skinning faces and tanning skins will also be provided. 

We will be working on specimens collected as part of pest control/abatement. Because of urban encroachment, these animals have become dependent on humans for food and their populations have increased beyond what would be natural. These have been removed from the population for those reasons. Their deaths are not related to the art and are simply a by-product of pest & population management. 

This is an intensive workshop, so be prepared to work and focus. We ask that this class be attended only by students 15 years of age or older-- though exceptions can be made under certain conditions. Email for details.

Students may leave a 50% deposit on this class. Simply enter the code 'FOXDEPOSIT' at checkout. We will contact you to pay your balance on or before June 1st.

Location & Cancellations

** Please review our strict cancellation policy here **

LOCATION: The class will be held at the new Prey Taxidermy studio at 2684 Lacy St Los Angeles 90031. You will receive a confirmation email with a liability waiver and other information a few days before class.

*a 2.7% service fee is added to each class to cover online payment provider fees.