Lifesize Mammal Taxidermy
Lifesize Mammal Taxidermy
Lifesize Mammal Taxidermy
Lifesize Mammal Taxidermy

Lifesize Mammal Taxidermy

On Hold Due to COVID
Class will be held TBD from 9am - 6pm each day.

    In this class you will learn the basics of life-size mammal taxidermy and take home your completed mount. We will use museum quality techniques to properly prepare/fit our skins on customized commercially available forms. We will be working with specimens that have already been skinned, prepped and tanned; many commercial taxidermy schools use prepped specimens to teach in exactly this way.

    Because these specimens are from salvage or abatement, we don't have all of one kind. You've got options:

    • Badger 
    • Grey Fox 
    • Raccoon 

    In this class you will learn: working with a commercial/modified form, prepping the skin, create/insert your own ear-liners, shape nose, set eyes, tuck eyelids, tuck mouth, create/set paws, wrap tail, sew your mount and finishing work. Students will also focus on sculpting realistic expressions/poses and how to properly utilize reference material. Finally, we will pin our pieces for you to take home to dry. 

    Each student will take home detailed instructions to complete finishing work at home for final grooming and painting.

    *Please be aware of our strict cancellation policy.*


    All supplies, tools & specimens will be provided and are included in the class fee. We will be working on various specimens that were collected from as nuisance animals or as roadkill from states legal to collect in. Deaths not related to art.

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