Custom Bird Dome
Custom Bird Dome
Custom Bird Dome

Custom Bird Dome

Victorian parlors were not complete without a beautiful glass dome filled with some exotic collection. This fascination with preserving and displaying artifacts from the natural world is not lost to some people even today. Award-winning bird taxidermist Allis Markham strives to bring back parlor art, but with a high level of biological accuracy, gained from her work at the Natural History Museum. 

Pictured is an example of Allis' previous work, but you can work with her to create a custom piece of your own. We have a varied collection of exotic specimens from South American, Africa & Australia. All of these specimens were domestically raised and passed on from natural causes at aviaries.  

Example Birds:
Glossy Starling
Red-Winged Starling
Paradise Tanager
Green Honeycreeper 
Gouldian Finches 
Brazilian Cardinal

    Each dome will also include environmental details like native plant-life replicas, custom ground-cover, and real native insects (also ethically collected) that will make your dome a true diorama. Special requests can also be easily made should you want to add some special touches or specific items. 

    Pricing will depend on the details of the piece and specimens used.

    Expect about a four-week lead time; Contact us if you require it sooner. Shipping cost charged at check-out and will be coordinated with Prey Taxidermy. Sorry, no international shipping at this time.

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