Custom Bird Dome
Custom Bird Dome
Custom Bird Dome

Custom Bird Dome

Victorian parlors were not complete without a beautiful glass dome filled with some exotic collection. This fascination with preserving a displaying artifacts from the natural world is not lost to some people even today. Award-winning bird taxidermist Allis Markham strives to bring back parlor art, but with a high level of biological accuracy, gained from her work at the Natural History Museum. 

Pictured is an example of Allis' previous work, but you can work with her to create a custom piece for your own parlor or office. Allis has a varied collection of exotic specimens from South American, Africa & Australia. All of these specimens were domestically raised and passed on from natural causes at aviaries.  

Current Available Birds at this Price:
- Lesser Blue Eared Starling
- Red-Winged Starling
- Golden-Breasted Starling
- Paradise Tanager (will include one large butterfly as well)
- Green Honeycreeper male & female in one dome 
 -2 X Gouldian Finches in one dome
- Brazilian Cardinal
- 3 X Canary of varying colors

    Each dome will also include environmental details like native plant-life replicas, custom ground-cover and real native insects (also ethically collected) that will make your dome a true diorama. Special requests can also be easily made should you want to add some special touches or whimsy. 

    The hand-blown dome shown here is 17" high X 12" long X  7" wide. The base is stained wood, but can be painted per your request at no charge. Please contact should you want to review larger and/or antique domes. Additional birds and specimens may also be added at an additional cost. 

    Expect about a four-week lead time; Contact us if you require it sooner. Shipping cost charged at check-out and will be coordinated with Prey Taxidermy. Sorry, no international shipping at this time.

    $1,800.00 USD

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