Skeletal Articulation
Skeletal Articulation
Skeletal Articulation
Skeletal Articulation
Skeletal Articulation

Skeletal Articulation

 Skinning, Bone Preparation & Articulation
2 Day Workshop
Saturday 21st of July 4:00pm - 10:00pm
Sunday 22nd of July 10:00am - 7:00pm


 Prey Taxidermy is joining forces with Rest in Pieces to bring you their skeletal articulation workshop.

Gerard Geer, one of Australia's leading skeletal artists, will take you on a very special exploration into skeletal articulation.

Throughout the 2-day workshop you will get hands-on with the process of skinning and articulation, as well as attend an informative seminar on specimen cleaning and preservation.

At the end of the 2 day workshop, you will walk away with an insight into this fascinating art and you will each have a gorgeous mounted mouse skeleton housed in a glass dome.

Everything will be supplied over the 2 days including the mice, tools, glass dome, lunch, snacks, and drinks. Just bring yourself and your love of science!

The course cost also includes a take home kit so that you can practice your newly acquired skills in your own time.

The Take-Home Kit includes:

  • - Frozen mouse
  • - Tools for skinning and skeletal articulation
  • - Products for cleaning and preserving your specimen
  • - An additional glass dome
  • - Beginners Dermestid Colony Kit (Including live specimens of assorted growth stages)
  • - List of instructions used during the 2-day workshop and Dermestid care instructions are emailed to you

Space is limited and booking will close June 11th!

All classes will take place at Prey Taxidermy in downtown LA. 

*Please be aware of our strict cancellation policy.  Due to continual last-minute cancelations impacting our business, we must charge a $100 cancellation fee and will attempt to re-sell your spot. However, if we cannot resell your spot, your forfeit all deposit or payment. Canceling within 24 hours of class or 'no show' will not receive a refund. 'Switching' classes is considered a cancelation.*

$675.00 USD

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