Birds 101 - Low Income
Birds 101 - Low Income
Birds 101 - Low Income
Birds 101 - Low Income
Birds 101 - Low Income
Birds 101 - Low Income

Birds 101 - Low Income

April 15th & 16th
Class will be held 9:30AM - 6PM each day.


These spots are reserved for low income persons who seek to learn taxidermy for education or professional aspirations. Please do not sign up for this spot as a hobbyist. 
Prey Taxidermy strives to create inclusion and diversity in taxidermy and feels that creating a lower-cost structure for certain students may help in achieving that.


The Eligibility Requirements & Rules:

1) Please do not sign up for these spots if you just want to try taxidermy for fun. These spots are for those aspiring to be in the sciences, museum work, or in taxidermy professionally one day.

2) Do not give it as a gift to someone else. Unless this is for your child, anyone signed up under these spots not under their own name will not be permitted into class.

3) Parents of children under 21: We want to accommodate you with these spots unless you are a family of means; see definitions below. Only one per family member.

4) Los Angeles County defines low income as 'an individual makes less than $47,520 per year or if a family of four earns wages less than $97,200 per year'. This means after taxes you would bring home around $3,000 monthly as an individual or as a family of 4 around $6,500 monthly in Los Angeles. (If you do not live in LA county, please use your local low-income calculator to determine if you are low-income.

5) If you are flying in from out of state or out of the country, you may factor in travel accommodation costs to your low-income status within reason. Don't just take a low-income spot because it offsets your travel cost. 

We are a small individually female-owned business with a very high overhead, so our general pricing reflects that. However, by creating these 2 more affordable spots per class we can help diversify the taxidermy community while still making ends meet. We thank you for your honesty.


Location & Cancellations

** Please review our strict cancellation policy here **

LOCATION: The class will be held at the new Prey Taxidermy studio at 2684 Lacy St Los Angeles 90031. You will receive a confirmation email with a liability waiver and other information a few days before class.

*a 2.7% service fee is added to each class to cover online payment provider fees.