Azuli - Pet Lovebird Taxidermy
Azuli - Pet Lovebird Taxidermy

Azuli - Pet Lovebird Taxidermy

This is for remaining costs. 

Azuli, Lovebird Pet Taxidermy and heart preservation

Pose: Azuli shall be displayed in a similar pose provided by the client; fluffed up, winking with head cocked to side. Prey will also use thumb drive provided by client as visual reference. 

Base: Azuli will be perched on provided swing. Client to provide a dome or bell jar. Prey agrees to install, stain wood and provide matching attachment.

Jar: Client to provide sealable jar or vessel for Azuli heart. 

Recommended dome:

  • Small Oval: 6½"L x 12"W x 15"H; 7 lbs.

Timing estimate: May or June 2018

Total: $700 - Pet Taxidermy & Heart Preservation

$350.00 USD

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