Music Video Commission

2015 Feb |

I created a 'dead' pigeon (soft mount taxidermy) for the music video of 'Angel' by Theory of a Deadman and they brought it back to life. Click for some serious Alt-Rock and dead birdage (1:40 straight to dead bird):

Holiday Commissions

2015 Jan |

I was so excited to receive some very fun holiday commissions. The client really just let me propose some ideas for bird taxidermy and have fun with it. We settled on two pieces that I really ended up adoring. 

The first is this Victorian-style bell jar containing a Superb Starling. This beautiful bird is native to East Africa, as is the high-quality reproduction Protea flower that I included. 

Here are some shots without the glass for full effect:


The second is this wall piece. It features two European Starlings, in differing ages/feather. You can see that there is a beetle in the older (top) Starling's mouth. This is a Chrysina Resplendens beetle and it is naturally gold in color. 


Some progress pics:



2015 Jan |

Here are a couple shots of the Peacock I completed this fall-- and one of it displayed in the Prey studio. This is available for rental. Rates upon request. 




Victorian-Style Golden Finch Dome

2014 Oct |

I have a lovely friend who just had a big birthday and decided to make her a Victorian-style bird dome. I incorporated a tiny European Goldfinch (that passed naturally) with some winding branches I found and some dried moss all in a fun little glass hanger. 

Even though space was minimal, I couldn't resist the traditional open-wing pose of that era, but tried to make it still seem natural.


'Dead' Taxidermy Homing Pigeon

2014 Sep |

I was recently contacted by a filmmaker looking for a 'dead' looking pigeon that was taxidermied. The idea being that it would be brought to life and in editing by switching the mount with a live one. My challenge was to keep the skin moist enough that the eyelids and extremities would be movable, but also all movement would be anatomically correct. I'll be sure to link to the final result once it's out!


Monstrous Sea Pig - In Progress!

2014 Sep |

I was contacted some time ago by historian and videographer Alex Boxer to create a taxidermy reproduction of the mythical Monstrous Sea Pig, or at least a Sea Piglet. Because Alex lives on the other side of the country, we only get to work on this periodically. So, here's a little progress pic and some old renderings of the Sea Pig.

FYI, I still need to remove pins, replace 'holder tusks', build fins, build webbing, patch hair and paint. 




Tiger Processing for NHM.

2014 Mar |

Very sad this male Sumatran Tiger died, but very appreciative that he is going for science and education. You have to respect these beautiful animals.

Merlin Added to NHM Bird Hall

2014 Mar |

I'm very proud to have my Merlin added to the Natural History Museum Bird Hall as an example of the species. 

Squirrels for NHM Nature Lab

2014 Mar |

Many many Eastern Fox Squirrels and one Western Gray Squirrel on branch.

Cooper's Hawk at NHM 100 Years

2014 Mar |

Located in the Nature Lab at NHM. Hair by Liz at Heretic Salon in Los Feliz, complete with taxidermy.

Corriente Heifer for NHM

2014 Mar |

Under Tim Bovard for NHM

Disney Ad with Taylor Swift

2014 Mar |

Pigeon Mounts.

Skunk Time

2013 Apr |


Stinkers in progress...

Lots of birds for the museum!

2013 Apr |