I'm so happy to announce that Prey will be hosting a bird taxidermy workshop! I've had so many request from people wanting to learn taxidermy that the only way to fit everyone in was to hold a workshop. 

We will be starting with birds because I feel that they really give people the basics of taxidermy without the lengthy process of tanning the hide. This means that we will be able to finish a bird in a day and take it home with you! Instant gratification.

The birds we will be working with are squab-- young rock doves (pigeons) that are farm raised locally for human consumption. And luckily they won't go to waste. Our new mascot, Bacon, is a rescue dog who really needs to gain some weight after being stray for so long. He will be enjoying the meat from our creations so that no part of these animals are wasted. Below is a picture of Bacon who is very excited about this workshop and plans to attend. 

You can purchase your seat here: Birds for Beginners