I've managed to get my paws on some ducklings. Despite being amazingly attentive mothers, mama ducks lose at least a few of their brood each season. These specimens were acquired from bird breeders who were nice enough to collect them for me. I'm glad to put them to good use.

Ducklings are extremely fragile and difficult to skin. Additionally their downy feathers tend to slip out if you're not very careful. However, they puff up quickly are very easy to groom. I created the ones here on my first try in about 2 hours-- for both! (sometimes at the museum we have to do speed-taxidermy, ha ha).

I'm thinking that a duckling class might be in order for individuals who excelled in Birds 101 and think they might be up for the challenge. Thoughts? Or should I move onto mammals?

Not announcing it yet, but I wanted to give people a 'window into my freezer', so to speak.