...and ready for sign-ups here. So far, we have at least one March class weeknights with the possibility of a weekend class as well. Give me a holler at info@preytaxidermy.com if you're interested and to save your spot if it goes ahead. 

The classes will be working on European Starlings - an invasive species here in the states, but a beautiful bird as well. Starlings were released in America by Eugene Schieffelin in 1827 in Central Park. Schieffelin thought it was a 'shame' that America didn't have any of the birds written about by Shakespeare. The birds for our class are their very descendants-- collected from Wisconsin by farmers trying to protect their crops. So, we have Schieffelin to blame and, to thank in this one case. 

Below are some reference photos that should give you an idea of the color and feather range that they can have. Pictured also is a juvenile starling done by yours truly.